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Manufacturers & Exporters of Fabrics & Made-Ups.

The evidence for our efficiency lies in our growth. We operate one of the largest vertically integrated manufacturing facilities in the world. Pakistan’s largest auto weaving unit, comprising 800 auto looms, was a result of our fore-sight and mastery of our field. The unit played a paramount role in ensuring reliable and high quality supplies to our loyal customers in times of a severe shortage in weaving capacity in Pakistan. Our weaving units include a diversity of machines including Air jet, Sulzer projectile and auto looms, Our state of the art processing unit boosts a fully computerized Reggiani printing machine capable of producing up to 16 color designs in widths up to 320 cm. A modern quality control system is in place, and is backed up by a complete laboratory which independently test every batch produced in the factory. While our competitors might rely on the unreliable energy supplies from the government, we can guarantee “on-time” supplies due to our extensive and advanced back up system which consists of LPG vaporizer and solid fuel steam boilers. Undoubtedly, these characteristics make our processing unit, with its reliability and efficiency, the best such unit in the entire country.

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Our Awesome Certification

Acknowledging these efforts we were certified as an ISO 14001 company earlier this year.

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We have been an ISO 9001 certified company since 2002 and have been striving to systemize of company and implement new systems to have better control over our production planning and quality levels. We have also been certified with SA 8001 which reflects our long standing commitment towards the welfare of our staff. Our respect for the environment has been the hall mark of our industrial activity.

Starting from architectural planning to selection of dyes and chemicals we strictly adhere to the globally accepted standards in environmental protection.

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